How can I get a loan without having a cosigner with zero credit?

Concern by Jessie: How can I get a financial loan with no having a cosigner with zero credit?
I am striving to get started out out with my credit history my rating is zero. I have experimented with the bank and got denied because of that and due to the fact the people I kn ow don’t have excellent adequate credit score scores to cosign so I was just pondering if there was yet another way of receiving 1 and by the way I previously went to a loan agency and obtained denied simply because of the same explanation…support.

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Hello Jessie

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  1. cmsturrock

    Try maybe a secured loan. That means you sign over something to them and they have the right to seize it if you don’t pay them back. Watch out for “payday loans” and sleezy loan places. If your goal is to build credit, try applying for a department store credit card. Sometimes they’re easier to get, and if you handle it well it builds your credit.

  2. bluebonnets1952

    first, start a savings account, every payday put the same amount of money into the savings account. Being consistent shows your ability to make payments. Once you have saved a considerable amount, depending on how much you are trying to borrow (about 10 to 20 percent) try to borrow an amount that you can supply collateral for. Offer your savings account as collateral.
    example: you have $ 500.00 in savings ask to borrow $ 250.00 pay that back as agreed, on time and the proper amount each month until it is paid off. wait a few months then ask to borrow $ 500.00 again pay it as agreed, on time. Slowly your credit score will increase and you will be allowed to borrow more with each loan. That’s how I did it!

  3. Josh A

    Get yourself a checking/savings account with a deposit of 250 dollars or more. Then apply for a credit card with the same bank. If you still get declined, then prepaid credit cards are the way to go. You will start building credit and few months down the line you will get approved for a regular credit card.

  4. Juliana

    If a student has no cosigner collateral or a bad credit score they will have many difficulties getting a loan. In most cases the lenders will reject the application and that’s not pleasant at all.

    To avoid all that, you should pay attention to the information below because it can help you get the needed amount you need for your student loan.

    There are some lenders on the market that despite these conditions will offer student loans without needing a cosigner. In other words the students can now receive the loans and complete their 4-years of college without worrying about the guarantees.

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